OK OK OK…………. The Olympics are over (like months ago) The snow has finally melted, and this weekend is REGIONALS weekend!! I have SO many things to say, mostly because I haven’t posted in forever, but there is something on my mind……… Im not sure if it is because I pay more attention to “CrossFit” now that our business is in full swing, or maybe Im just getting more observant in my old age, but there has been SO many negative CrossFit posts out there, and I need to get my word in!

As with any successful business, there will be HATERS. Or not even HATERS, I think more jealous-ers?? Or maybe they are pissy because they are getting out lifted by girls? Im not sure what it is. Off course I am going to post something positive (she has a CF gym, they will say!!) CrossFit has changed my life. Don’t get me wrong, Im not an idiot. I KNOW that there are crappy gyms out there. BUT… there are crappy insurance agencies too. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get health insurance. I can only speak for myself. The bigger picture (that all of the HATERS leave out) is the most important part of CrossFit. The community. Sure, CFP has some of the strongest athletes I know. Endurance athletes that have improved in leaps and bounds. That is GREAT. LOTS of gyms have super athletes. We also have moms, dads, grampas and grammas that kick ass every day! People that came in hoping that they could run a full 400 meters one day…. that now run MILES and do 100’s of squats. Anyone can take a 16 year old athletic kid and turn him into a machine. It takes more than bench press and dead lifts to change a life. It takes time, compassion and positivity. I guess that is why I get so pissed off. Leave the IM BETTER, CROSSFIT SUCKS out of your gym, and stop your BITCHING. CrossFit doesn’t just cater to the strongest or the coolest dudes. CrossFit caters to everyone. Every person that comes into the gym, IS THE COOLEST DUDE. We don’t care if you bench 300 lbs or 30 lbs. If you are here to make a change, or better your life; We are here to help. Ok, I’m done.


First of all….. IM SORRY! It was brought to my attention that there ARE a few of you that read my nonsense! I AM A SLACKER! I can’t possibly go through everything that has been going on. All that matters to me tonight is the Olympic figure skating.

I mean have you seen this? Im not sure what interests me more…… the outfits? The excitement of the announcers? OR.. The names of the tricks? Is quadruple SOW-COW real? Am I hearing that right? Why is everything “see-through?” I can hardly get to my car in the morning if there is ice in the driveway and these looney tunes are jumping all over the place. And how about the “team” figure skating this year. The other members sit and watch…. they TRY not to look upset if the other teammates don’t do well… they all hug and say “GOOD JOB” …… lets be serious!! THIS IS THE STINKIN OLYMPICS! Im waiting for one of them to snap. 

What is the deal with the Biathlon? How come they don’t send people into the woods, and whoever comes out with the most squirrels wins? I think that will be next time. It seems that there are more and more “new” olympic sports each time it comes around. Why can’t I invent one? Who do I contact? Im looking into that.

night night 

Party time!

BIG goings on at CFP!!!!!!  

The biggest and BEST news is…. Carmen and Jason are getting hitched! YIPPPEEEE!! I could not be more excited. Its hard to find a good “one”; And even harder if you are a CrossFitter! We all know that finding someone that will tolerate your constant jabber about PR’s, torn hands and kipping, is hard to do! But these guys have nothing to worry about!

I told Jason a while ago, that he would never find anyone that will love him as much as Carmen does! Anyone who knows Carmen, knows what I mean! There is not a more caring person on earth. I mean that with ALL of my heart. There are friends, and there is Carmen. She is the first to volunteer to help, and always there if you need her. She’s a keeper. 

As far as J….What can I say? He trades melon with me every morning, because he knows I don’t like the green ones. He always gets cool shows like True Blood and Game of Thrones… and lets us borrow them! Besides the important stuff, he listens to my crazy rants, always gives me good advice and NEVER lets me down. On my worst days, J can make me smile (even if it is with a puppy pic!) He is always honest with me, even if I don’t want to hear it. Pretty much, he is my BFF.

These two have SO many great adventures ahead of them. And I am grateful to be part of the FUN! WOOOO HOOOOO Party time!


Almost Time…..

 Im not sure how many people even pay attention to my silly rants. And for those who do, you may nave no idea that for the past 13 years I’ve been working in the SAME spot. Its a LONG story…. But the point is…. In 29 days, I’m done! As easy as that sounds, i think I’m kinda sad. I mean don’t get me wrong, Im psyched to be at CFP more and CANT WAIT!! BUT… I’m so used to HERE. Its habit. I make my tea in the same mug every day, read the paper, call Jean at MP to ask what soups they have, visit my buds next door it’s like home. Well, its actually cold and smells like old stuff, But you get it. I’m not even sure if Hoshi (my car) will know how to drive past the driveway. But, I guess my problem is… NOT really a problem. The gym is doing GREAT, and it is time to put 100% of ME into CFP. Lucky you guys! There will be even more bad music choices and silly signs on the walls! 

For now, I still have to stay strong as I pass the wall of penny candy on my way to the bathroom! But not for long.

ho ho ho

Im a slacker.

It’s X mas night. I am ALREADY  suffering from a serious cookie hangover. I can only speak for myself, but I cannot wait for the “cut the crap” food challenge to start. As hard as it is going to be…. I NEED IT. What a great way to kick start 2014. So, I hope everyone signed up is ready to kick it into high gear. We all work so hard in the gym, but if we don’t “feed the machine” we will NEVER see or feel the results we deserve! 

I’m falling asleep. night night.

Monday? November? Am? Pm?

Is it seriously DECEMBER? WHAT THE??? I guess time flies when your having FUN! Or when you aren’t sure if it is Monday, Thursday, Am or Pm?! Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE IT! We had our Open House on Saturday, and it could not have been better. So much fun. This weekend Jamie and I are taking 8 “PITT CHICKS” to an all girls comp in CT….TONS of great things happening! BUT…. I need to remember the small things that make me happy. The things that have gotten me throughout the CRAZY times….

First on my mind, are my moms heated seats. Yes, every morning that I get to ride up to Pitts with my momma…. It just makes for a better start to the day! My Juices… If it weren’t for Ashley and her juice… I can’t even think about that. My friends that SMILE at 6am. Jamies beard. Red Hot. My daily dose of my tiniest friend… who is getting SOOOOOO BIG! My FAVE 604 tee… who cares if its dirty and on my floor… I’m wearing it. LuLus. Breakfast with Dad. Soup…… some nights 10pm is just too late to cook. Carmens daily dose of bulldog puppy pics. My dishwasher. Orange is the New Black. (ok so I fall asleep EVERY episode!) 

Those are just a few of the things that I am thankful for. More important. My life. My family. My friends. My bed

night night


Don’t get me wrong… I love that it is so nice out today. BUT this time of year drives me NUTS! Hoodie on hoodie off….hoodie on hoodie off! COME ON!! Is it cold, or NOT?! If The door is open, Im cold. If it is closed. Im hot. In a few weeks Ill be complaining about the darn cold, but for now….. I wish Mother Nature would make up her darn mind. Its like she is going through menopause, with these HOT FLASHES. 

On a different note… CFP OPEN HOUSE is coming!! Im so stinkin nervous. I know, I know…. WHY? That is all Ive heard from Jamie and my Mom. I just want everything to be PERFECT! It has been a long haul. So many LOOOONG days, and so much hard work. Both physical and mental!!!! I want the OPENING to reflect that. Jamie is obsessing over the 1/16 of an inch space between the mats, and Mom is 100% focussed on coordinating the napkin colors to the stripes on the walls. I just want everyone to have fun. (maybe obsessing over the cracks would be easier??!!) And I think I need new Lulu’s for the occasion. I’m SURE mom is getting a FULL BLOWN CFP matching Lulu outfit. Probably matches the napkins.

I wish I could say night night…. Its 1:30, and Im at the damn frame shop. WORKING HARD. 


So as usual…I have A TON of random thoughts that I’d like to share. I mean most of them have to do with the fact that Im VERY upset about my fish. Dimitri seems to be fine, but Ilya is acting strange. I think I’m poisoning them. Two days in a row I have left my tea on the counter…. just to get cold and yucky. The dry erase markers are disappearing. Well, NOT the brown ones! ( like I want to use those. Why do they even come in the package?)  AHHHHHHHHHH, I feel much better now.

BUT… that is NOT the purpose of todays blog. Today I want to give a BIG shout out (and HUG) to my SIS! I LOVE YOU MADISON. Since we have been up here in Pitts, 34 hours a day, I haven’t been able to hang out with her much, and I miss SIS TIME! I try to bribe her with cider donut frozen yogurt….but I know that she is SUPER busy. ALWAYS working hard in school and soccer, and working even harder at making dirty dishes for mom. Even though she is just 16, she is one one of the kindest people I know. Constantly worried about others feelings, and doing whatever she can to help (except dishes). Wherever she decides that she wants to go to college (changes EVERY day) as much as I will miss her, I KNOW that she will grow up and do AMAZING things. (maybe even learn how to use a dishwasher) Im a PROUD sis. 

About the fish….. Good thing I got them before a puppy.


YEA YEA YEA…… I know its been a while. Things are a little crazy. I mean that with EXTREME excitement in my sleepy voice. The gym is lookin better every day, and I couldn’t be happier with the progress of EVERYONE at CFP! My Onota lake buds are OLD PROS now……and my nights are full of NEWBIES! Air Squats all night, every night. You would think its no big deal. YOUR (I’m) WRONG. The damn air squats are kicking my butt. The NEWBIES put me to shame. From the beginning…. we ALL thought they were playing a trick on us up here. They ALL seem to be SUPER SQUATTERS. Its great. Well unless your Jamie, and you are 100% jealous!! HA HA. These guys are great. Fun to teach.

We are having our first CFP CFT (CrossFit Total) Friday night. That will be SOOOOOO FUN! These guys are ITCHING to see how strong they are. I cant wait. And… Im SURE the costumes will help. 

The Red Sox are on….. Jamie is “watching” (through his eyelids) the game while I answer a zillion e mails. But I’m glad to have him HOME! Its been a long haul with him working in NYC…..seems like the end is in sight. THANK GOODNESS. 120 miles a day, LOTS of diner food and Lara bars. 3 hours of sleep and 10pm dinner…..I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER! Starting to feel real-ish?!!?!?

Well, time to squat clean Jamie off the couch, and granny toss him into bed.

night night