Don’t get me wrong… I love that it is so nice out today. BUT this time of year drives me NUTS! Hoodie on hoodie off….hoodie on hoodie off! COME ON!! Is it cold, or NOT?! If The door is open, Im cold. If it is closed. Im hot. In a few weeks Ill be complaining about the darn cold, but for now….. I wish Mother Nature would make up her darn mind. Its like she is going through menopause, with these HOT FLASHES. 

On a different note… CFP OPEN HOUSE is coming!! Im so stinkin nervous. I know, I know…. WHY? That is all Ive heard from Jamie and my Mom. I just want everything to be PERFECT! It has been a long haul. So many LOOOONG days, and so much hard work. Both physical and mental!!!! I want the OPENING to reflect that. Jamie is obsessing over the 1/16 of an inch space between the mats, and Mom is 100% focussed on coordinating the napkin colors to the stripes on the walls. I just want everyone to have fun. (maybe obsessing over the cracks would be easier??!!) And I think I need new Lulu’s for the occasion. I’m SURE mom is getting a FULL BLOWN CFP matching Lulu outfit. Probably matches the napkins.

I wish I could say night night…. Its 1:30, and Im at the damn frame shop. WORKING HARD. 


So as usual…I have A TON of random thoughts that I’d like to share. I mean most of them have to do with the fact that Im VERY upset about my fish. Dimitri seems to be fine, but Ilya is acting strange. I think I’m poisoning them. Two days in a row I have left my tea on the counter…. just to get cold and yucky. The dry erase markers are disappearing. Well, NOT the brown ones! ( like I want to use those. Why do they even come in the package?)  AHHHHHHHHHH, I feel much better now.

BUT… that is NOT the purpose of todays blog. Today I want to give a BIG shout out (and HUG) to my SIS! I LOVE YOU MADISON. Since we have been up here in Pitts, 34 hours a day, I haven’t been able to hang out with her much, and I miss SIS TIME! I try to bribe her with cider donut frozen yogurt….but I know that she is SUPER busy. ALWAYS working hard in school and soccer, and working even harder at making dirty dishes for mom. Even though she is just 16, she is one one of the kindest people I know. Constantly worried about others feelings, and doing whatever she can to help (except dishes). Wherever she decides that she wants to go to college (changes EVERY day) as much as I will miss her, I KNOW that she will grow up and do AMAZING things. (maybe even learn how to use a dishwasher) Im a PROUD sis. 

About the fish….. Good thing I got them before a puppy.