Party time!

BIG goings on at CFP!!!!!!  

The biggest and BEST news is…. Carmen and Jason are getting hitched! YIPPPEEEE!! I could not be more excited. Its hard to find a good “one”; And even harder if you are a CrossFitter! We all know that finding someone that will tolerate your constant jabber about PR’s, torn hands and kipping, is hard to do! But these guys have nothing to worry about!

I told Jason a while ago, that he would never find anyone that will love him as much as Carmen does! Anyone who knows Carmen, knows what I mean! There is not a more caring person on earth. I mean that with ALL of my heart. There are friends, and there is Carmen. She is the first to volunteer to help, and always there if you need her. She’s a keeper. 

As far as J….What can I say? He trades melon with me every morning, because he knows I don’t like the green ones. He always gets cool shows like True Blood and Game of Thrones… and lets us borrow them! Besides the important stuff, he listens to my crazy rants, always gives me good advice and NEVER lets me down. On my worst days, J can make me smile (even if it is with a puppy pic!) He is always honest with me, even if I don’t want to hear it. Pretty much, he is my BFF.

These two have SO many great adventures ahead of them. And I am grateful to be part of the FUN! WOOOO HOOOOO Party time!


One thought on “Party time!

  1. Erica, Carmen, Jason and Jamie…4 peas in a pod. They don’t make ’em much better than you guys.
    Congrats to Jason and Carmen. Many, many years of happiness are coming your way.
    Thanks to ALL FOUR of you for making all of us at CFPittsfield feel like family. Not sure I’ve ever met four more positive, caring, loving and helpful people. Rock on, FAB FOUR!!!

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