OK OK OK…………. The Olympics are over (like months ago) The snow has finally melted, and this weekend is REGIONALS weekend!! I have SO many things to say, mostly because I haven’t posted in forever, but there is something on my mind……… Im not sure if it is because I pay more attention to “CrossFit” now that our business is in full swing, or maybe Im just getting more observant in my old age, but there has been SO many negative CrossFit posts out there, and I need to get my word in!

As with any successful business, there will be HATERS. Or not even HATERS, I think more jealous-ers?? Or maybe they are pissy because they are getting out lifted by girls? Im not sure what it is. Off course I am going to post something positive (she has a CF gym, they will say!!) CrossFit has changed my life. Don’t get me wrong, Im not an idiot. I KNOW that there are crappy gyms out there. BUT… there are crappy insurance agencies too. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get health insurance. I can only speak for myself. The bigger picture (that all of the HATERS leave out) is the most important part of CrossFit. The community. Sure, CFP has some of the strongest athletes I know. Endurance athletes that have improved in leaps and bounds. That is GREAT. LOTS of gyms have super athletes. We also have moms, dads, grampas and grammas that kick ass every day! People that came in hoping that they could run a full 400 meters one day…. that now run MILES and do 100’s of squats. Anyone can take a 16 year old athletic kid and turn him into a machine. It takes more than bench press and dead lifts to change a life. It takes time, compassion and positivity. I guess that is why I get so pissed off. Leave the IM BETTER, CROSSFIT SUCKS out of your gym, and stop your BITCHING. CrossFit doesn’t just cater to the strongest or the coolest dudes. CrossFit caters to everyone. Every person that comes into the gym, IS THE COOLEST DUDE. We don’t care if you bench 300 lbs or 30 lbs. If you are here to make a change, or better your life; We are here to help. Ok, I’m done.

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