Almost Time…..

 Im not sure how many people even pay attention to my silly rants. And for those who do, you may nave no idea that for the past 13 years I’ve been working in the SAME spot. Its a LONG story…. But the point is…. In 29 days, I’m done! As easy as that sounds, i think I’m kinda sad. I mean don’t get me wrong, Im psyched to be at CFP more and CANT WAIT!! BUT… I’m so used to HERE. Its habit. I make my tea in the same mug every day, read the paper, call Jean at MP to ask what soups they have, visit my buds next door it’s like home. Well, its actually cold and smells like old stuff, But you get it. I’m not even sure if Hoshi (my car) will know how to drive past the driveway. But, I guess my problem is… NOT really a problem. The gym is doing GREAT, and it is time to put 100% of ME into CFP. Lucky you guys! There will be even more bad music choices and silly signs on the walls! 

For now, I still have to stay strong as I pass the wall of penny candy on my way to the bathroom! But not for long.

2 thoughts on “Almost Time…..

  1. You will miss your work, I’m sure. You have a brilliant future ahead of you at CF Pittsfield!! “Do what you love, love what you do”. How many people actually get to do that? Not many. Enjoy the new chapter in your life, Erica. Rock on!!

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