YEA YEA YEA…… I know its been a while. Things are a little crazy. I mean that with EXTREME excitement in my sleepy voice. The gym is lookin better every day, and I couldn’t be happier with the progress of EVERYONE at CFP! My Onota lake buds are OLD PROS now……and my nights are full of NEWBIES! Air Squats all night, every night. You would think its no big deal. YOUR (I’m) WRONG. The damn air squats are kicking my butt. The NEWBIES put me to shame. From the beginning…. we ALL thought they were playing a trick on us up here. They ALL seem to be SUPER SQUATTERS. Its great. Well unless your Jamie, and you are 100% jealous!! HA HA. These guys are great. Fun to teach.

We are having our first CFP CFT (CrossFit Total) Friday night. That will be SOOOOOO FUN! These guys are ITCHING to see how strong they are. I cant wait. And… Im SURE the costumes will help. 

The Red Sox are on….. Jamie is “watching” (through his eyelids) the game while I answer a zillion e mails. But I’m glad to have him HOME! Its been a long haul with him working in NYC…..seems like the end is in sight. THANK GOODNESS. 120 miles a day, LOTS of diner food and Lara bars. 3 hours of sleep and 10pm dinner…..I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER! Starting to feel real-ish?!!?!?

Well, time to squat clean Jamie off the couch, and granny toss him into bed.

night night

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