Dont be afraid to give it a try!I

So, i’ve been going back and forth with lots of people lately. Through e mail, text, phone and just talking. Everyone seems super excited to get going…and you know I AM! BUT…The majority of conversations i have, start with… I’M AFRAID. Now don’t get me wrong, i’m THE BIGGEST BABY ever, so i UNDERSTAND the hesitation. Whether your nervous that you will be the slowest, weakest, silliest looking or just NERVOUS…. don’t be. Everyone that has started CrossFit knows that we ALL are silly at first! We all think air squats are ridiculous that PVC is the heaviest thing on earth and that damn MedBall Clean???? WHAT THE HECK? Thats the best part! We all start in the same place. Next thing you know you have learned to LOVE that silly air squat, and are much more concerned about your snatch PR, and how many kipping pull ups you can do! (oh I LOVE the lingo!) So my point is…. Don’t be afraid to give it a try! There are so many videos out there of CrossFitters doing CRAZY things, but thats not what we ALL do every day!!! All of our coaches are here to help with workouts, movements, diet, your heath and well being or to find out your favorite Heart song. (ok thats just me…Jamie doesn’t care about your favorite Heart song) So give it a shot.

Oh, and I’M the silliest looking, so cross that of your list!


This summer will be known as…. the summer of SWEAT…RUNNING… Painting…CFSHEFF WODs….cleaning…”Travis” rides (thats our lawn mower; Madison has been practicing her driving skills!)… Pretty much the summer of CHAOS! But…. It’s TIME! 

Saturday we head to CFNE to the BOX seminar. Yes, I do have a new purple sparkly binder and matching stickers to take notes in. We have been looking forward to this all summer. Then Tuesday…. we start FOUNDATION classes! I know I’m excited! We have had SOOOOOOOO many people interested in starting classes. I cannot wait to get going, and get to know all the faces “BEHIND THE E MAILS and TEXTS!” Its gonna be GREAT! We will have a bunch announcements on Facebook in the next few days so pay attention!! 

Till I blog again……. Im off to the Frame Shop 😦

big day….BIG J!

i’m a super blog slacker. This weekend was amazing! So many friends came out to see us at the farmers market….. and we MET  bunch of new friends too!! What a great start to fun times. Turns out, there are some super push-upers in PITTS! We could not have asked for a better day. Look forward to getting to know ALL of you…..and getting STRONG together!

The gym is lookin’ pretty good. Jamie J and I spent the day taking DOWN sheetrock (yes, you that that right!) Paint is next! BIG thanks to BIG J! If you ever need any sort of demolition done…… he’s your man! No fancy tools needed. Reebok sneaks and chia seeds. Give the man a hammer and a few hours… DONE! Thank you J, could not (nor would we want to) do this without you. One step closer.

time for bed. Windows open…..another perfect sleeping night. night night.


Thank you officer Graham for inspiring an “amazing” WOD tonight….. YOU ASKED FOR IT! Hope you didn’t freeze on your ride home! We better see you again soon.

So……. CFSHEFF all packed up and ready to head to “the PITT”! Chef Carmen was busy baking between WODs tonight, and those paleo muffins sure smell YUMMY! If you haven’t checked Facebook, we will have a bunch of Farmers Market sign up specials, So we hope to see you there!

quiet on the home front….for now!

not much going on tonight. Great am WOD and as always great pm WOD! This weather makes outside WODDIN’ easy. Im packing up some new tees and tanks for the Pittsfield farmers market. If you haven’t read our Facebook page…….this Sat (17th) CFP will be at the Pittsfield farmers market. Located at the corner of first and fen st. in Pittsfield. We will have tees, tanks, stickers, homemade almond butter, WODBOOKS, paleo treats and lots of other stuff for sale. There will also be a raffle to win a free month membership and I’ve heard rumors of a few contests to win FREE stuff!! Looks like it will be a beautiful day, so come over and see us! Check out our “CFP the PITT” Facebook page in the next few days for other details.

as for CFP progress….. this weekend will be HUGE!! All I’m sayin. Looking forward to….. the the start of some seriously awesome times in the PITT!

got my fish oil. night night.

Breakfast Club

I’d like to welcome officer David to the Sunday morning Breakfast Club. Not only making it through Nick’s PT training, but joining the CRAZIES for some “FUN” afterwards! FUN being….

  • 100 double unders
  • 60 dead lifts
  • 50 pushups
  • 40 shoulder to overhead 135/95
  • 30 pistols
  • 20 power cleans
  • 100 double unders

Way to go David. We all know that your gonna CRUSh that damn PT test! We look forward to MANY more WODs together. Enjoy your day off (KINDA?)


BIg shout out to one of my newest BUDS…. AAron! Crushing the WOD (which was a serious doozie!) tonight. If you don’t know AA, you soon will! He has been working super hard, and it shows…. He kicked most of our butts tonight. So keep up the good work AA! I speak for all of us when I say that we LOVE having you to torture….. I mean WO with.

As for my SWEET day off… NOT SO MUCH! Thanks Nick, for that ASS WHOOPER of a WOD. 

  • run 200 m
  • 15 DB snatch (left)
  • 15 dead lifts 95/135
  • run 200 m
  • 15 DB snatch (right)
  • 15 dead lifts 95/135

Oh……. 3 ROUNDS FOR TIME…… It was tough, but a good one!

Off to bed. I ran out of fish oil, and Im cranky about it. I even looked all over the freezer, thinking i may have spilled one out somewhere in there. NOPE. 

night night



Today I voluntarily draged Gregory (my sled) 600 meters. Thats pretty much the highlight of the day. As far as CFP… WODBOOKS came in! They are looking pretty cool. Another fun product to add to our CFP store. So far we have LOTS of tees and tanks, SWEET stickers, all sorts of tape, KillCliff recovery drinks and more to come! YEAAAAA. Its bed time for me… REST DAY tomorrow!! YAHOOOOOO

Unicorns DO exist

So, here I go… I know some of you are proud that i was even able to tun on my fancy new computer!

While jamie cooks my pork chops, I’d like to take a minute to reflect on the past few months…. NO I DONT! I just want to give a quick update on CFP and thank everyone for waiting….supporting..waiting..oh and WAITING for us to open. Believe me there is NOBODY that wants to get going more than me.Things are moving along and we will keep everyone in the loop as far as when to get your new sneeks and lulus ready. Stay tuned to FB for more updates.

Before i go and watch screaming goat videos for the rest of the night, there is something important and meaningful in this first little BLOGGIE. Like I said before, there is nobody that wants to get into the new gym and get WODin’ more than yours truly. BUT…there would be no CFP if it were not for a very special group of friends. Friends that for months now have been dragged all over the place to WO. Friends that have endured lawnmower fumes and more DAMN running than any human being ever should have to!! Endless garage WODs in rain, with ruts and more running. Through it all there have been sad times and some of the greatest times of my life. I LOVE YOU GUYS. Even if you hog the couch and make me drag Gregory. I cannot wait to start this adventure…… J, Carmen, Nick and BBC… NO WORDS work here! UNICORNS DO EXIST!