First of all….. IM SORRY! It was brought to my attention that there ARE a few of you that read my nonsense! I AM A SLACKER! I can’t possibly go through everything that has been going on. All that matters to me tonight is the Olympic figure skating.

I mean have you seen this? Im not sure what interests me more…… the outfits? The excitement of the announcers? OR.. The names of the tricks? Is quadruple SOW-COW real? Am I hearing that right? Why is everything “see-through?” I can hardly get to my car in the morning if there is ice in the driveway and these looney tunes are jumping all over the place. And how about the “team” figure skating this year. The other members sit and watch…. they TRY not to look upset if the other teammates don’t do well… they all hug and say “GOOD JOB” …… lets be serious!! THIS IS THE STINKIN OLYMPICS! Im waiting for one of them to snap. 

What is the deal with the Biathlon? How come they don’t send people into the woods, and whoever comes out with the most squirrels wins? I think that will be next time. It seems that there are more and more “new” olympic sports each time it comes around. Why can’t I invent one? Who do I contact? Im looking into that.

night night