she’s up

Just getting home from an all day affair with the pull-up rig. After Jamie broke 5 drill bits in the cement floor, almost punched 2 Home Depot employees and sent me outside TOO MANY TIMES TO COUNT….. She’s up! And lookin GREAT! There are enough bolts and washers to sink a ship, and I’m pretty sure that 20 Big J’s could swing around on her without a BUDGE! Anyone who knows Jamie…KNOWS that it was a LLOOOOONNNGG day! But, worth it.

Tomorrow we start another group of NEWBIES! I’m excited to show off the rig, OHHHH and the floor! That is a WHOLE other story! I know why they sell rubber floors in ROLLS! But, just like the rig.. Its done, and couldn’t be better. Lets hope the work-men can keep it kinda clean for 1/2 day. OK…. NOT HAPPENING! Oh well, it will get dirty! I kinda cant wait. Maybe I will do a chalk angel? Jamie would LOVE that.

My belly is full of Tommy’s chicken soup (the most UN-PALEO soup on earth), and I’m headed to bed.

night night


#1 HAVE YOU SEEN THE STARS TONIGHT? OMG! Get outside and look. They are AMAZING! I know its chilly, but worth it!

#2…. I wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to one of the STARS of our 6pm class, Kris Purdy. ALL the way from Utah! Man, I thought I had a far commute!! HA. It was GREAT to meet you, and I KNOW we will WOD again. Great job tonight on that killer WO! Safe travels.

#3….. NOT TO BE FORGOTTEN…. ALL the STARS of our class at Mt. Everett High School this afternoon. Nick and I were invited to teach a group of students as part of a “Healthy Choices” day at the school. It was a BLAST! Im not sure the students knew what they were in for.. but they did a super job!

Oh, I know that its on FB, and Im sure i mentioned it…. BUT, we are starting a new FOUNDATIONS class monday the 30th at 6pm. If you have a bud that has been….Well I maybe wanna?? Im not sure?? ARE THOSE GUYS CRAZY?? You know…. tell them to e mail me. Lets get em started!

night night

Slacker…. I know

Im NOT making excuses.

OK, yes I am. I haven’t been home other than to sleep in …HMMMMM?? Im not even sure when.

Just a quick update. Things are lookin GREAT. We painted the entire place, and if Jamie can get over his OCD, we MAY get the floor down by 2030!! Gotta love him. Its cool to see what has only been an idea in my strange head coming to life. ITS BIG. Like waaaaayyy bigger than I thought. Perfect for sprints! Or even a PROWLER…too bad they are NOT allowed in CFP.. EVER! On a serious note.. I couldn’t be happier. Sure everything has taken way longer than expected, Jamie is away for 5 more weeks, frame shop work on top of CFP is just HARD, 4 am comes VERY early and 10 pm is a late dinner. BUT…. this is it! We dreamed it… It’s happening! Cannot wait to WO with all my buds. Run around like looney tunes and play crazy music. Sit in our sweaty clothes for hours, because we just cannot stop talking about the next WOD..or the CrossFit video we saw today! Spend hours trying RIDICULOUS stuff…that nobody will ever try! THATS what I’m excited for. That…..and my bed.

night night

Miss Mary…. THE MAC!!

Ok, so if you don’t know my bud Mary… SHES THE MAC “DADDY”… Mom, business owner, friend, karaoke-ier… BUT now I know…Miss Mary is the MAC CrossFitter!! I had no idea she had this in her! Mary has been here bright and early almost every morning, and tonight she did her first Fight Gone Bad. And ROCKED it! MARE…… You are AMAZING! I am so proud of you. More importantly Im SOOOOOOO glad to have you around. Now that I have seen what you can do….. ohhhh the POSSIBILITIES! This is the start of something BIG for you. 


As for the rest of YA…….. another GREAT week!!!! Its amazes me every day how much progress everyone is making. SO COOL. Keep up the hard work.

night night


At first I just assumed it was a coincidence that all our new CFP friends were SUPER SQUATTERS! Well….. they seem to be SUPER STARS! OMG.. Im silly! Today was another great day at the lake. The AM-ers were up-and-at-em before the sun was up! Those deadlifts and kettle bell swings lookin great! So much PROGRESS in just a few weeks. And then the PMers….. after a LOOONG day of work…Came in FULL FORCE! Just like their earlier CF friends…looking like PROS! 

Just wanna say a quick thank you to one of my new BUDS. Steph (NOT STEPHANIE). She has been at that dang lake EVERY morning that I have. Bringing laughs and paleo muffins! I know this is the start of not only laughing AB TABATA for me…. BUT a super dedicated gal! And Thanks for reading my blah blah blog! xo xo xo. 

night, night

Week 1

well….. WE did it. I’am so grateful to  everyone that has made this week… TOTALLY STINKIN’ AMAZING!! Obviously our super coaches/best friends/breakfast buds/LIFE SAVERS! Also to ALL our NEWBIES!! We know that getting up before the sun to WO in the dark is NOT IDEAL!!! Or showing up after work to hang out in the parking lot! BUT…. we sure are happy you do it. There are no words to explain how I feel!! Watching all of you trying your hardest and PUSHING yourselves harder than you ever have…NO WORDS. It inspires me to be better; and quite honestly that team WOD tonight kicked my ass. SO… heres to many many more SUPER weeks… TEAM WOD’s…..ass kickin’…….and great friends. 

FAR ABOVE any expectations I could have had. DRINK your water.

night night


In the BOOKS!

The words of Ezzy Smalls….. FIRST CFP WODS….. are… IN THE BOOKS! Excited, Happy, Proud….. i need a new word! What an amazing day with even more amazing people! Ok so we aren’t IN the gym…… it didn’t matter. Im not kidding you when I say I saw some of the BEST squatting Ive ever seen today! Where do these guys come from SQUATERN??? I couldn’t squat for….. wait…. EVER! The potential is ENDLESS. I cannot wait for ALL of you to get moving. Also, to get your butts up at 5 am and workout at the DEWY lake.. THANK YOU! Drink your water, and I look forward to another EARLY morning WOD. 

night night

Farewell CFSHEFF

All packed up ready to GO! As i loaded up the last barbell (Tiffany) into the truck, I wasn’t sure if I was excited, happy, sad , anxious???? Tomorrow we start our VERY FIRST foundations classes. I KNOW I’m SUPER excited about that! BUT… somehow I’m sad. As I shut the garage door on CFSHEFF I had a little tear. For those who do not know… CFSHEFF is our garage. I know it seems silly, but that garage has been the HUB of many peoples WODS for 5 months. The sight of many “experimental” WODS, early morning neighbor-waking WODS, Team WOD’s, PR’s, NOT-SO-Much Pr’s, good times, and GREAT times. NONE of us expected anything from CFSHEFF… but in some way we are all closer (prob because of the SPACE issue!!!) Sharing barbells… ok sharing everything.. somehow has made us even closer. CFSHEFF, you have served us well! The pull-up bar (located over the table saw!) will stay, therefore there will ALWAYS be a possibility of a WOD!

As for FOUNDATIONS!!!!!! WHAT!!!! I CANNOT wait! We have a ton of super people signed up to start at 6am. This is the beginning of something GREAT….. I KNOW it. Now, I’m going to bed. I used to make fun of Jamie, because his alarm goes off at 4:15 am….. Well, Mine is set for 4:25!

night night