Monday? November? Am? Pm?

Is it seriously DECEMBER? WHAT THE??? I guess time flies when your having FUN! Or when you aren’t sure if it is Monday, Thursday, Am or Pm?! Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE IT! We had our Open House on Saturday, and it could not have been better. So much fun. This weekend Jamie and I are taking 8 “PITT CHICKS” to an all girls comp in CT….TONS of great things happening! BUT…. I need to remember the small things that make me happy. The things that have gotten me throughout the CRAZY times….

First on my mind, are my moms heated seats. Yes, every morning that I get to ride up to Pitts with my momma…. It just makes for a better start to the day! My Juices… If it weren’t for Ashley and her juice… I can’t even think about that. My friends that SMILE at 6am. Jamies beard. Red Hot. My daily dose of my tiniest friend… who is getting SOOOOOO BIG! My FAVE 604 tee… who cares if its dirty and on my floor… I’m wearing it. LuLus. Breakfast with Dad. Soup…… some nights 10pm is just too late to cook. Carmens daily dose of bulldog puppy pics. My dishwasher. Orange is the New Black. (ok so I fall asleep EVERY episode!) 

Those are just a few of the things that I am thankful for. More important. My life. My family. My friends. My bed

night night

One thought on “Monday? November? Am? Pm?

  1. I enjoy reading your blog it always makes me smile……and makes me think of how tired you must be from all the hard work you do Haha keep it up!:)

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